Wholesale Indoor growth room construction process with good price - OPTICLIMATE

Wholesale Indoor growth room construction process with good price - OPTICLIMATE

You want to set up a grow room and raise plants indoors…but where do you start?

We suggest Plentiful commercial warehouse space has prompted conversion of these buildings (or part of the building) into indoor cultivation spaces. These are typically non-descript concrete wall buildings with few windows and include loading docks with leaky doors.  These buildings lend themselves well to the “Room within Building” layout.

To size any HVACD system properly, a our engineer or contractor needs to perform a heat load analysis on the building to determine the heat gain expected during the summer months and heat loss during the winter months.  This information along with a detailed analysis of the grow room’s evapotranspiration process are required for the design engineer to appropriately size the environmental control HVACD system to handle all of the following:

• Latent moisture from the evapotranspiration process

• Sensible heat from the lights

• Sensible heat gain during the summer

• Sensible heat loss during the winter

• Latent infiltration or exfiltration due to building construction

Our plant engineers will discuss with HVAC engineers and grow rack structural engineers to design a layout for your grow room, and we will provide you with a detailed list of facilities according to the layout.

Our budget engineers will give you a detailed quotation list for your customized products.

When you confirm and pay the deposit, we will provide you with a complete set of project books.

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This product is able to boost the aesthetics of space. It can help create a beautiful environment to live in or work in.


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1.4-Planting system design and planting equipment: In order to make the growth of plants closer to nature, we have designed different vertical planting shelf systems for the growth of different plants. And applied IE and AI technology to planting equipment, and standardize it as much as possible to reduce the cost and space of planting equipment.
2.1-Environmental control equipment: The innovative Optical aircon technology is used to make the growth of plants more suitable.
3.5- Hydroponics control system: Based on the large amount of plant growth data, we have accumulated, we effectively combine the parameters of each stage of plant growth with IOT technology to enable our hydroponics control system to achieve digital intelligence and labor costs reduction.
4.2-Plant spectrum technology: We have developed different light formulas for different plants, so that plant growth can get full photosynthesis.


OptiClimate Farm brings together technical experts from China, Japan, Korea, United States and Europe, and a professional team composed of marketing experts, growers and technology innovators. Based on the concept of "providing the most suitable growth environment for plants" and "providing the best cost-effective plant factory to market", our plant factory facilities and technology have been developed and patented in 2020, and the international company OptiClimate Farm LTD werd opgericht. Our plant factory technology has carried out market-oriented upgrades and innovations in five technical fields involved. 1-Milieu-besturingsapparatuur: de innovatieve optische Aircon-technologie wordt gebruikt om de groei van planten geschikt te maken. Spectrumtechnologie van 2-planten: we hebben verschillende lichtformules ontwikkeld voor verschillende planten, zodat de plantengroei volledige fotosynthese kan krijgen. 3- Hydroponic Planting-technologie: Op basis van de professionele kennis van een verscheidenheid aan planten hebben we speciale voedingsformules en toevoermethoden voor verschillende planten uitgevonden, zodat de planten de vereiste voedingsstoffen bij verschillende groeiperioden kunnen krijgen. 4-planten systeemontwerp en aanplantapparatuur: om de groei van planten dichter bij de natuur te maken, hebben we verschillende verticale plantenplank-systemen ontworpen voor de groei van verschillende planten. En ie en AI-technologie toegepast op het planten van apparatuur en standaardiseer het zo veel mogelijk om de kosten en ruimte van plantenapparatuur te verminderen.

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