ABS Commercial Combined Vertical Planting Racks

ABS Commercial Combined Vertical Planting Racks

OptiClimatefarm offers with Commercial Growing Rack and ABS Conbination Grow trays the Growing  environment for growing Special plants and a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in Vertical Grow Racks .

Made from 4mm thick plastic and durable ABS construction, these grow trays are thermoformed with a  to provide UV-stability, as well as anti- microbial and fungal-resistant properties. These trays sit level to provide plants with a flat growing surface, and they feature a network of sloped canals within the tray to ensure proper drainage away from plants to the drain location.
Length 120, width 65, height 200cm
LED selection range:120W ≈ 0.5m²,200W ≈ 0.8m²,280W ≈ 1m²,350W ≈ 1.5m²
These trays Horticulture can be used for DFT irrigation or ebb and flow. They are combined with our Vertical Grow Racking and to provide the most efficient indoor grow nursery space.


Multi-layer seeding/cloning/planting system.

Arbitrarily spacing or series combined connection.

Combined steel power coated vertical planting rack.

Optional high-efficiency LED lights.

DFT hydroponic by replacing tray accessories.

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OptiClimate Farm brings together technical experts from China, Japan, Korea, United States and Europe, and a professional team composed of marketing experts, growers and technology innovators. Based on the concept of "providing the most suitable growth environment for plants" and "providing the best cost-effective plant factory to market", our plant factory facilities and technology have been developed and patented in 2020, and the international company OptiClimate Farm LTD werd opgericht. Our plant factory technology has carried out market-oriented upgrades and innovations in five technical fields involved. 1-Environmental control equipment: The innovative Optical aircon technology is used to make the growth of plants more suitable. 2-Plant spectrum technology: We have developed different light formulas for different plants, so that plant growth can get full photosynthesis. 3- Hydroponic planting technology: Based on the professional knowledge of a variety of plants, we have invented special nutrient formulas and supply methods for different plants, so that the plants can get the required nutrients at different growth periods. 4-Planting system design and planting equipment: In order to make the growth of plants closer to nature, we have designed different vertical planting shelf systems for the growth of different plants. And applied IE and AI technology to planting equipment, and standardize it as much as possible to reduce the cost and space of planting equipment.

It’s the duty for everybody in this world to do whatever we can to stop the climate change. As one company for green technologies, OptiClimateFarm has been focusing on the Green and Smart Farm systems since it’s established. In OptiClimate Farm R&D Center, the technicians will show you how plants are growing at the best conditions. The plants are not being taken cared of by OptiClimateFarm technicians only there, but also by full series of OptiClimateFarm smart Products.

Under the intelligent control of OptiClimateFarm devices, the plants can always get the best temperature, humidity, CO2 density, nutrition and other elements suitable for their growth. OptiClimateFarm system is monitoring the growth data in real time, and will control the work of different OptiClimateFarm products according to the setting parameters. The whole OptiClimateFarm system is the accomplishment of joint intelligence developed by the international technical team consisting of experts from China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, America and India.  

OptiClimateFarm does believe in the common destiny because it’s the time for the world to  fight together against climate change. We’re ready to protect every plants in your farms in OptiClimateFarm way, that way is not only approved by the global customers but also by international accredited certification companies.

OptiClimateFarm, always takes care of your plants in a smart way.

1.Plant-spectrumtechnologie: we hebben verschillende lichtformules ontwikkeld voor verschillende planten, zodat de groei van planten volledige fotosynthese kan krijgen.
2. Hydroponic Planting Technology: op basis van de professionele kennis van een verscheidenheid aan planten, hebben we speciale voedingsformules en toevoermethoden voor verschillende planten uitgevonden, zodat de planten de vereiste voedingsstoffen kunnen krijgen bij verschillende groeiperioden.
3.Invironmental controlemateriaal: de innovatieve optische airco-technologie wordt gebruikt om de groei van planten meer geschikt te maken. 

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