Professional Microgreen manucturor  OPTICLIMATE

Professional Microgreen manucturor OPTICLIMATE

Hydroponic Sprouting is a method of growing plants in the absence of soil. The sprouts spend their entire lives in an aquatic environment where they only absorb nutrients and oxygen from the water, not from the soil, so they are not contaminated by soil.

Vertical multi-layer LED hydroponic breeding racks + breeding trays suitable for hundreds of vegetables & herbs to breed high quality sprouts

 Vertical multi-layer LED hydroponic breeding racks + breeding trays

 suitable for hundreds of vegetables & herbs to breed high quality sprouts

Opticlimatefarm large-scale production of sprouting :

With vertical standard hydroponic racks + fill-in light + digital hydroponic system + patent environmental control system with day & night modes.

Planting microgreen with specific light quality

to shorten the growth cycle time and improve the texture, color & nutritional composition of microgreen

Opticlimatefarm Sprouting solution

A fully controlled environment strictly monitoring seed quality, moisture, humidity, light, temperature & airflow.

The best light source for growing microgreens has been researched.

Opticlimatefarm integrated control system automatically switches on the LED-specific spectrum fill light after the sprouts have passed the dark period under 2- 3 cm covered.

Innovative microgreen planting tray module

With clean & hygienic Cotton planting cloth, instead of powder or granular substrates,  eliminating the need to dispose of traditional substrates after harvesting.

Sprouting Easy operation

Microgreen root can be easily extended to the bottom of the DFT hydroponic tank to obtain nutrients and water. Mature microgreens can be moved in whole trays and shipped directly, without the hassle of later handling.

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