How to choose growth air conditioner for veg room

How to choose growth air conditioner for veg room

How to choose growth air conditioner for veg room

No matter the size of your grow, it’s crucial to retain as much control of your grow environment as possible.Keeping your plants happy and healthy when growing indoors will sometimes require you to use the best grow room air conditioner unit.

#Environmental Control of Cannabis Cultivation #Mastering The Cannabis Craft : Environmental Controls For Indoor Grows

First, you have to determine the area of your veg room,Most cultivators utilize roughly 70% of a room’s floor space as the canopy.Efficient facilities take advantage of tiered growing systems. Each tier increases production capabilities and can triple a room’s canopy.We suggest that the area of your grow room is the same as possible,We recommend that the seedling, vegetative, and flowering rooms be separated and independent.

That means having separate veg rooms for moms and clones, if possible, and designing your rooms so employees can pass through the facility without entering the veg rooms,.unless they need to. it’s also important to keep in mind that flower rooms should be a consistent size, so you have a consistent amount of biomass moving through your workflow. Otherwise, managing that biomass can become a much bigger headache than it needs to be.

It's important because Veg and flowering plants have different environmental needs and thrive under different temperature and humidity settings.

With a designated veg room, you can reduce infrastructure costs by sizing HVAC equipment for the environment.

After you determine and design the area and function of each room, you can contact us and let us configure the air-conditioning system for each of your rooms according to the functions you designed.Of course, you can also choose our LED vertical growth rack and other supporting equipment.

Remember, our air-conditioning system is specially designed for plant growth. frequency conversion, refrigeration and dehumidification, the system uses HFO-1234yf refrigerant (GWP<1), you only need to set it, and everything else will run automatically.

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