Specialized HVACD Systems for Optimum Cannabis Cultivation

The Importance of Specialized HVAC Systems for Grow Rooms 

Specialized HVAC System HVAC Technologies 

The first thing to know is that climate controlling an indoor cannabis facility is an industrial application. It takes a lot of energy to offset the massive heat and moisture loads which are created by lights and plants. The major functions of the system are cooling and dehumidifying. Temperature and Humidity - The ideal temperatures can vary due to the specific crop or strain. The HVAC systems let the temperature and the humidity range  be set and consistently maintained.

Commercial Grow Room HVAC Design – Primary Considerations

Grow Room Dehumidification – Latent Load

Latent load is a measure of the amount of energy necessary to dehumidify the air in a building. The latent load produced by indoor growing adds up to many times more moisture than would be needed in pretty much any other setting, with the possible exception of heated indoor pools. Transpiration is on Plants releasing moisture as part of their growth process.. Without quality dehumidification device, the indoor relative humidity would quickly rise to 100% and the plants would stop transpiring (due to ambient air moisture saturation) and mold would quickly form. The crop would be dying.

Commercial Grow Room Air Conditioning – Sensible Load

Sensible load is a measurement of the amount of energy that must be removed from the air inside a building to maintain a desired temperature. This is usually the primary capacity sizing factor for comfort cooling. However, in cannabis cultivation, the energy required to remove heat (sensible load) is not as significant in the equation of climate control system sizing as you might think. We’ll explain why.

Because the air was cooled way down for moisture removal, it can also be used to offset a portion of the sensible heat in the grow room, making sensible heat load a secondary, but still important, factor in the equation of how to calculate grow room HVAC system capacity.

While talking with any agriculturist, you will be told that the main concern lies not only in creating but also in maintaining the correct environment for growing  indoor crops successfully. Any slightest change in humidity or temperature can veer crops off the path of healthy plants and abundant yields

New Innovation 

-------------- CANnabis air conditioning

Product features

Easy installation.

With professional dehumidification function.

(E.g Dehumidifying capacity of 4000 PRO5 Ⅱ: 4L / H)

Intelligent optical control system, which determines the

operation of cooling, heating or dehumidification due

to the intensity of light, temperature and humidity.

The system can offer free hot water while cooling .

Comfortable, efficient and energy-saving with frequency

conversion technology.(EER>4.5)

European CE certification.

Major customers: Europe.

Patented product(patentNo.ZL201510431905.9)

OptiClimate Dehumidifier - PRO5

It is essential to select an HVAC system which offers the kind of flexibility needed to maintain the optimum growing environment for the marijuana plant. This technology gives growers an impressive advantage for their crops and assists in maintaining optimum growing conditions, no matter the changing circumstances as producers can respond immediately to any changes in environmental factors.

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