How to build a successful indoor vertical farm Products | OPTICLIMATE

How to build a successful indoor vertical farm Products | OPTICLIMATE

The interest in growing plants indoors in vertical farms keeps increasing. But many investors who thought they could simply buy an empty warehouse, plug in some grow lights and turn out perfect heads of lettuce to make money have been disappointed.

The following is the urban vertical farm expert Kobayashi tells you about the construction of urban vertical farms.

Properly assess wall insulation, which can save on operating electricity bills and Getting the climate, vertical rack, lighting and spacing right

One aspect that many new vertical farm growers overlook when they are creating an indoor farming environment is maintaining the best climate conditions.

First, you need to assess the insulation status of your warehouse walls and suitability for a controlled environment guarantee.And which air conditioning system you buy for your plants.

Also, which vertical growing LED rack to buy.

In an effort to control temperature and humidity in grow rooms many growers install life air conditioner systems that haven’t been integrated. So, when conventional air conditioners cannot manage the moisture load, portable dehumidifiers are introduced to the grow room. In addition to the systems fighting each other as they operate, they fail to provide the precise temperature and humidity control required to maintain healthy plants. They also consume more energy......

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