Construction Of Hydroponic Fodder System

Construction Of Hydroponic Fodder System

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OptiClimatefarm systems convert grains into fresh, green feed using specially designed equipment. This feed is available for harvest 365 days a year regardless of climate and temperature. 

Whether you have 1,000s of dairy cows, a few horses, or a hobby farm, OptiClimatefarm offers sprouting system packages and kits to fit virtually any livestock owner’s needs and budget.

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OptiClimatefarm systems come complete with the sprouting equipment, pumps, UV sterilized growth air conditioning systems.

To grow good quality fodder, you need to be able to control the temperature and humidity. Install Opticlimate's HVAC with UV sterilization in the growth chamber. The fodder easily grows in semi-controlled environmental conditions with a temperature range of 15-32 °C and relative humidity of 80-85%.

Also, control light is needed to grow fodder, so Configuring LED Grow Lights on Vertical Grow Racks.

Nutritional Advantages: The green fodder from hydroponics is highly palatable, easily digestive and of better quality as compared to traditional fodder production. 

More Palatability: The fodder is more succulent, palatable, nutritious and intake HGF by livestock is more as compared to CGF and this results in more milk and meat production.

Water savings: Hydroponic techniques requires 2-3 litres of water to produce one kilogram of green fodder as compared to 55 to 75 litres of water required for the traditional Cultivation practices. No wastage of water as the available water is also recycled and utilized.

Wider temperature range: Temperature range of 15-35o C and 70-80% relative humidity (RH) without any fungal growth and technology is economic and environmental friendly.

Minimal Land requirement: only 10 m X 5 m is required to grow 600-650 kg of fodder per day whereas to produce the same quantity, one hectare of land would be required under traditional cultivation system. 20-25 adult cattle can be reared by this quantity of fodder for one year.

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