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  • Dubai needs urban vertical farms
    Dubai needs urban vertical farms
    OptiClimatefarm indoor vertical planting technology is an instant driver of more sustainable food productionOptiClimatefarm vertical planting systems leverage data to produce food three times faster than traditional farming methods while using up to 95 percent less water.Integrated indoor climate and control of LED grow lights and nutrients, A vertically farmed acre can produce the equivalent of four to six soil-based acres, depending on the crop, alleviating pressure on arable land.In many areas of the world, environmental conditions are not conducive to traditional farming. Ensuring food security depends on continuous agricultural innovation.Investments in agricultural innovation advances farming techniques to increase access to fresh produce and increase food security around the world.OptiClimatefarm can build an indoor vertical hydroponic farm for cities, using 1/10 the land and 90% less water than conventional farming to grow pesticide-free vegetables and dwarf tomatoes and strawberries.he OptiClimate Smart Climate and OptiClimatefarm vertical grow racks achieve over 15 batches vegetable production per year. . .
  • Ready to start planning your veg room design?
    Ready to start planning your veg room design?
    Designing the climate environment is one of the most important aspects of an indoor garden. Hydroponic growers need to be able to control and monitor different conditions in their grow room.OptiClimate can advise, evaluate and equip your business with the forced air, hydroponic HVACD system and cooling system that fits your budget and operation.OptiClimatefarm is here to help you choose the perfect configuration for your grow operation! An expert representative will work with you to assess your specific needs and recommend the best option for you. Contact us today to learn more.
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