The Growth of Saffron in Aeroponics and Hydroponics

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Its surface is endowed with a metallic gloss. The product is treated with an electroplating technique to create a metallic membrane on its surface. .
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Our Saffron Story
Our Saffron Story
OptiClimatefarm indoor saffron-growing speciality products with vertical farming technologyThe OptiClimatefarm Lab, based in guandong, has been under development since early 2021.It is designed as an Indoor Learning Lab and VideoDemo Center for international sales.Demo Centre to help advance both the Vertical Farming industry and its interests worldwide via outreach through education and training.Did you know that it’s possible to grow the world’s most expensive spice in a Indoor controlled environment vertical farm?The OptiClimatefarm lab team have been researching something a little more unusual – saffron, aka the world’s most expensive spice.The quality of saffron grown indoors is better than outdoor cultivation because we can control the conditions…4 rounds /y, saffron grows in optimum growth environment created by OptiClimate indoor intelligent climate
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