Vertical Farming HVAC Systems With Fabric Ducts

Vertical Farming HVAC Systems With Fabric Ducts

In this video post, we will look at how fabric ducting and HVAC can be used in vertical farming operations to help create the right growing conditions for the plants and crops being grown. The main HVAC system connected directly to the fabric ducting, and uses secondary fans at the beginning of each rack to supply the air into the fabric duct and over the plants.

The benefit here is that one can speed control the fans and create a different air pattern independently across each bed. This allows for the possibility of growing different products at different rack levels and/or starting and harvesting products at different times in the same facility.

As we have seen, every vertical farm is different, with different approaches to how they grow the plants, processing, layout, and even HVAC design.At Opticlimatefarm, we have designed  HVAVD and fabric ducting for a wide range of vertical farms.Because we are a plant growth HVAC R&D and manufacturer, There was a lot of opportunity for us to directly address major problems with climate change and resources.

That really led us to jump in and try to be innovators in indoor vertical farming this space.

When it comes to the environment sciences, so many factors [are] in technology and the systems that we use — those are unique to us.

If I talk about the environment, it means temperature and humidity, air flow and pressure, CO2, etc. The key is that we do not allow these to form a microclimate between indoor plants.

Whenever an entrepreneur chooses to make an impact through urban agriculture, we feel a responsibility to guide them towards success.

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