OptiClimate Farm as one the best vertical farming solution companies in China, whose original commercial vertical hydroponic facility is a high technology, modular and combined vertical production environment. It is customized for various crops/plant products/business models of AG and CBD. Provide the best controlled vertical planting environment to grow various horticulture, flowers and agricultural products in various environments and climates. In addition to growing green leafy vegetables, you can also grow herbs and other special plants and shallow root crops.

The OptiClimate Farm product series are divided into indoor plant factories and container plant factories. You only need to provide your area and planting needs. We will professionally design the layout for you and provide supporting combination products, including planting air conditioners, 3-function combined planting tanks, vertical combined planting shelf, hydroponic digital control system, CO2 intelligent control system, automatic humidification system, nutrient solution UV sterilization system, T8 plant light and air shower system, etc.

OptiClimate Farm provides one-stop design and supporting solutions or turnkey projects according to your area.

Digital Hydroponic Growth Control System

OptiClimatefarm Digital Hydroponic Growth Control System.

OPTICLIMATE flexible hydroponic irrigation framework allows you to customize and modify solutions specific to your particular crop.

EC control:Seedlings/early sprouts – Early vegetative stage –Full vegetative stage – Early blooming stage – Full mature bloom/ripening stage
PH control:automatic to balance the pH level(PH UP & PH Down)
Hydroponic Nutrient Solution :A + B or A + B + C
Plan:Custom irrigation plan

Grow Room Growth Environment Control Solutions

Where there is a plant factory, there is Opticlimatefarm.

We offer a whole system for plant factories, from seeding to nursery, from Growth environment controlto an  Hydroponics grow control .

OptiClimate products, including HVAC,LED/HPS lighting, Co2 + controller , dehumidifiers & Ventilation equipment ,can always provide the professional plant growth solutions. Being important parts of OptiClimate Farms, the environmental products are designed with compact size and plug-and-play installation, for the easy control of the temperature, the humidify and other elements of the environment in the farms. With its open Protocol and standard interface, it could be connected and controlled through centralized system together with other products of OptiClimate Farms. Automated climate control.Ideal environment to grow in any climate and season.

It’s the duty for everybody in this world to do whatever we can to stop the climate change. As one company for green technologies, OptiClimateFarm has been focusing on the Green and Smart Farm systems since it’s established. In OptiClimate Farm R&D Center, the technicians will show you how plants are growing at the best conditions. The plants are not being taken cared of by OptiClimateFarm technicians only there, but also by full series of OptiClimateFarm smart Products.

Under the intelligent control of OptiClimateFarm devices, the plants can always get the best temperature, humidity, CO2 density, nutrition and other elements suitable for their growth. OptiClimateFarm system is monitoring the growth data in real time, and will control the work of different OptiClimateFarm products according to the setting parameters. The whole OptiClimateFarm system is the accomplishment of joint intelligence developed by the international technical team consisting of experts from China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, America and India.  


OptiClimateFarm does believe in the common destiny because it’s the time for the world to  fight together against climate change. We’re ready to protect every plants in your farms in OptiClimateFarm way, that way is not only approved by the global customers but also by international accredited certification companies.

OptiClimateFarm, always takes care of your plants in a smart way.


Opticlimatefarm Forage Container with Solar Air Conditioning

Sun is free.Our Forage container is of the artistic design, the control system by the computer, the automatically temeperature-controlled, the ozone antiseptic technology used , the automatically wayer poured on entire automation, which has advantages of time-saving, the labor saving, the low consum-ption, no noise and pollution and so on.

Plant Growth Climate Chamber Container

In climate chambers, Configure RDWC system .And environmental control system temperature, air humidity, CO2, light intensity, air movement and watering can be regulated extremely accurately.Intelligent optical control system, which determines the operation of cooling,heating or dehumidification according to the intensity of light, temperature and humidity.

High efficiency and energy saving with frequency conversion technology,low energy consumption, low electricity bills.

How Opticlimatefarm Set Up Your Growroom

Opticlimatefarm Fully-Connected Indoor Vertical Farms Combination Module with Environment system & Hydroponic digital control system

Leveraging years of experience, we have developed our own proprietary technology platform that takes a holistic approach to growing with expertise in plant biology, plant genetics, mechanical design, controlled environment, data science, and operations at scale, for fully-connected indoor vertical farms.

The Opticlimatefarm team is composed of world-leading scientists  that keeps our technology always ahead and makes our partners conssist to enjoy the benefit of CEA(Control Environment Agriculture).

OptiClimatefarm Nursery Systems

OptiClimatefarm Nursery Systems

The beauty of hydroponics is that it allows you to have complete control over every input that goes into your plants: be it air, water, light, or nutrients.

You may have tasted success in your first grow system, or you may be in the process of building one now. We all know the drill.Our video can be your reference.

Plug and Play

The OptiClimatefarm Nursery Tray uses a “plug and play” concept and allows quick and simple installation of the container on site meaning you can be harvesting within a month of delivery.

OptiClimatefarm modular vertical rack, "FOUR TIERS VERTICAL" nursery tray, nursery quantity reaches 1152pcs

OptiClimatefarm is a modular plant factory concept that allows you to start-up small with 30 grow modules. Our manufacturing lead time is only 3 months, so you will ship your first harvest within 5 months. After you have refined your business model, you can add grow modules without business interruption.

Opticlimatefarm Typical Grow Room Setup Supplier & manufacturers | OPTICLIMATE

Opticlimatefarm Typical Grow Room Setup

Employing Smart HVAC Technology and LED LED Vertical Rack

Opticlimatefarm’s innovative energy efficient dehumidification technology incorporated into our HVAC system designs.

Our unique background in both mechanical engineering and plant physiology allows us to deliver plant-centric, data-driven commercial grow room HVAC solutions that help our clients maximize plant biomass and phenotypic expression to strengthen financial performance and mitigate risk. Contact our team today to start discussing your project.

High Quality Professional Vertical Growth Solutions manufacturers Wholesale - OPTICLIMATE FARM LIMITED

OptiClimate Farm is the fastest and most efficient way to launch or expand your operation. We provide a Plug & Grow solution that streamlines the start-up process and begins generating revenue in as little time as possible. The OptiClimate Farm system is designed and engineered for easy , Automatic hydroponic control system Custom and Light sense intelligence CO2 Systems and Vertical Grow on Pallet Racks  Configuration  allowing users of all backgrounds to immediately start growing.

OptiClimate , a unique technology which unite cooling,  heating, dehumidification, air circulation, filtration and optical induction in a system, could make it possible for indoor planting anywhere at anytime.

In order for Maximize Yield ,OptiClimatefarm offers with Commercial Growing Rack and ABS Conbination Grow trays the Growing  environment for growing Special plants and a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in Vertical Grow Racks .

Plants in OptiClimate Farm  grow vertically indoors without soil, getting their nutrition from water and light energy from powerful LEDs. independently-controlled seedling troughs house up to more seedlings at once, providing plants with perfect conditions in their first weeks of life.

OptiClimate Farm is Designed to fully control variables such as lighting, temperature, humidity and air and PH/EC and CO2 quality,Multiple tiers they will allow efficiently and productively by making the most out of your space.

Where is a plant factory , where is OptiClimatefarm.

Modular Wall Panels Grow Room

Opticlimatefarm Cannabis Cultivation Room Solutions

Modular Wall Panels Grow Room

Our modular systems+grow air conditioner are capable of creating a variety of environmental enclosures ranging from basic temperature and humidity control to cleanroom environments.

Versatile 3" wall system that can be used to create free-standing buildings without having to tie into the existing (or surrounding) structure.

Opticlimatefarm insulated Grow Rooms work harmoniously with grow lighting and air systems equipment to precisely control conditions.

Call to discuss your needs & we’ll customize a Grow Room appropriate to fit function & size.

Including grow environmental systemgrow rack system

And we will allow you to plan ahead for the evolution of business.

FAO2 in Greenhouse

The Solar model,with off-grid microgrid,combines solar photovoltaics & battery energy storage, under management & controls to support cooling the greenhouse.

Air coolers for Agricultural Greenhouses

Applied in planting and breeding

100% Fresh Air

100% Saving Energy

0% Carbon Emissions

A newly Greenhouse cooling system makes it possible soilless growing even in harsh circumstances climates.

Growing Food in the Desert and vegetables

Greenhouse environment control technological solutions

Even In the hottest desert summer, solar air conditioning can keep cool of your vegetables

The Solar model,with off-grid microgrid,combines solar photovoltaics & battery energy storage, under management & controls to support cooling the greenhouse.

Opticlimatefarm Leafy Greens Container Airtight ecosystem

Opticlimate Farm Limited Container Airtight ecosystem

Opticlimate Farm Limited 40Container Airtight ecosystem,16 sets of 4 layer racks easy to clean and remove for growth,Clone plants up to 18432 plants monthly,Hi-Power LED adjustable design

OptiClimate Pro Series air conditioner,Automatic hydroponic control system,Auto humidity, temperature, CO2 control and UV purification,1 person air shower clean room(Optional).

Opticlimatefarm grow racks are modular, stackable and mobile. Leafy Greens Grow in a fully secured, self-contained and climate controlled environment.

1. Steel plated plastic frame  

2.ABS planting tray  

3. PE nursery tray  

4. Liquid supply and return piping kit (optional magnetized filter)  

5. Full spectrum LED plant light + light control system  

6. Digital hydroponic control system  

7. Light control intelligent CO2 system  

8. Internal insulation decoration (Optional)  

9. Other optional products are subject to contract signing

Hydroponics for Healthy Communities

Large-scale City hydroponic systems,is a highly resource and space efficient form of cultivation It's already contributed substantially to global food production.

Community gardens are places for people to grow fresh flowers and produce somewhere  around where they live. Perfect for apartment dwellers that people can grow their favorite vegetables and flowers indoors.

Hydroponics systems are ways for people in a cost-effective manner for Whom  without land, or living in areas inhospitable to traditional farming to produce their own food .

To the chronically undernourished populations , the fresh produce from hydroponics systems would provide them with essential vitamins and minerals, which might otherwise be out of reach.

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