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Typical Grow Room Setup Supplier & manufacturers | OPTICLIMATE
Typical Grow Room Setup Supplier & manufacturers | OPTICLIMATE
Typical Grow Room SetupThe goals of commercial cultivation facilities are to increase the biomass production while reducing the cultivation time and energy consumption. The kernel factors in achieving these goals are lighting system, climate control system, cultivation method and integrated pest management (IPM).Based on knowledge of biophysics and biochemistry knowledge, our HVAC engineers,properly evaluate the dynamically changing environment of cultivation,The three most important elements for creating an optimal environment in a grow room are airflow, temperature, and humidity.Opticlimatefarm’s innovative energy efficient dehumidification technology incorporated into our HVAC system designs.
Specialized HVAC System HVAC Technologies
Specialized HVAC System HVAC Technologies
The first thing to know is that climate controlling an indoor cannabis facility is an industrial application. It takes a lot of energy to offset the massive heat and moisture loads which are created by lights and plants. The major functions of the system are cooling and dehumidifying.
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