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Growing Indoor Plants with Success
Growing Indoor Plants with Success
70% of the world's total water consumption is for Agricultural ,while about 1.2 billion people living in water-deficient agricultural areas.Agricultural land hardening and desertion is exacerbated by Climate change and pollution.Agricultural water is largely wasted by underdeveloped drip irrigation technique.Environmental pollution as well as severe soil hardening can result from the overuse of pesticide fertilizers.Which kills beneficial organisms and enhances drug resistance in both bacteria & pestsVertical agriculture emerges with the practice of sustainable agriculture and biotechnology advances.Opticlimatefarm's innovative smart climate indoor planting technology has been welcomed by the market.Energy consumption is greatly reduced by Modular plantation panel technology with insulation and heat insulation.It provides a good environment for plant growing within closed and clean planting rooms.OptiClimate Pro series can always provide the professional plant growth solutions with cooling ,heating ,dehumidification and frequency conversion.Opticlimatefarm vertical DFT adjustable light source planting frame + magnetized chiller.Humidity + temperature + Light + CO2 + Intelligent Irrigation integrated control system.The five cores integrated control of the plant factory is realized by this integrated intelligent digital control system.OptiClimate solar agricultural system is of invention patented products with low-carbon and environmental protection.One click start, digital recording, friendly carbon footprint.OptiClimate is stable and reliable technology for the implant environment and is effectively validated worldwide.OptiClimatefarm plants grow well in a controlled environment.OptiClimatefarm provides planting techniques for over 70 kinds of vegetables and jam fruit herbs.OptiClimate provides reliable environmental support on earth ,either northern or southern or even in desert areas .All OptiClimate planting products have passed SGS testing.OptiClimatefarm would like to work with you to your market.
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