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  • Vertical Farming Integrated PLC Control System
    Vertical Farming Integrated PLC Control System
    ● The PLC and touch screen of the main devices of centralized control are Siemens products, and the contactors are Schneider products.● The communication of planting air conditioner, water fertilizer machine and CO2 are all connected through Modbus RTU.●The communication between PLC and touch screen and computer is connected through Ethernet.● The planting rack light, ventilation fan, UV sterilization lamp and oxygen supply pump can be operated on the panel of the control cabinet, or on the touch screen or in the configuration software on the computer.● This scheme shows the complex software and hardware system in a clear and easy way, and gives a basic configuration list for each type of equipment.●It is convenient for integrators and planting owners to purchase and support. The working principle of this scheme is transparent, the combination method is transparent, and the link is simple. It promotes the vertical agriculture of smart climate to reduce costs, improve the precision of planting management, and ensure the consistency of planting products.
  • Best Vegetarian Vegetable Planting Solution Supplier Products | OPTICLIMATE
    Best Vegetarian Vegetable Planting Solution Supplier Products | OPTICLIMATE
    The Next Evolution of Agriculture Is Indoor Hydroponic Vertical FarmingIndoor farms are sanctuaries for those looking to cleanse their mind and bodyPlant-Based Cuisine Brings Great Prosperity to the WorldIndoor farms offer tons of creative plant-based optionsVegetables for vegetarians and those who prefer plant-based dishesNourish yourself with healthy food, exercise and positive thoughtsOptiClimatefarm provides youVegetarian Vegetable Planting Solution
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