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The product features stable performance. All compounds are processed at high temperatures to achieve great physical and chemical properties. .
We aim to provide the highest quality IDEC.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Do you need HVACD or IDEC?
    Do you need HVACD or IDEC?
    Do you need HVACD or IDEC?Budding Legal Cannabis and indoor vegetables Industry Needs Specialized HVACD Systems for Grow Rooms.IDEC is Indirect + Direct Evaporative Cooling — Your Solutions for hot and dry areas.The controlled environment cowshed is equipped with innovative intelligent IDEC breeding air conditioning system + uniquely designed fresh air duct.
  • Controlled environment Fresh Farming Solutions
    Controlled environment Fresh Farming Solutions
    Controlled environment Fresh Farming SolutionsExperience Higher Yields with OptiClimate® Indoor Farming SystemsWe offer a complete solution for industrial growing including large vertical indoor farms and greenhouses environmental Control System IDEC.OptiClimatefarm is easy to assemble and use, and its modular design lets you create custom growth options, so you can grow different plant types efficiently without the need for intense user intervention.  The recirculating irrigation system not only saves water, but provides a cleaner and hygienically safer growth environment, minimizing the chances of contamination or unwanted algae growth.  Safe, simple, and tasty.  OptiClimatefarm brings freshness to your table
  • Best Quality IDEC Supplier & Manufacturor Products --OPTICLIMATE
    Best Quality IDEC Supplier & Manufacturor Products --OPTICLIMATE
    FAO2’s series offers a range of packaged IDEC (Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling) systems providing efficient cooling at up to 80% less energy than traditional Dx systems, with zero GWP, CFC’S and HFC‘s.There are a number of features attached to this system that is responsible for such significant improvements. If you are thinking how then below mentioned are the attributes you get with the installation of Hybrid air coolers, check it
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