Opticlimatefarm Forage Container with Solar Air Conditioning

Opticlimatefarm Forage Container with Solar Air Conditioning

Sun is free.Our Forage container is of the artistic design, the control system by the computer, the automatically temeperature-controlled, the ozone antiseptic technology used , the automatically wayer poured on entire automation, which has advantages of time-saving, the labor saving, the low consum-ption, no noise and pollution and so on.

Main features:

1)The equipment has the uninterrupted UPS function to ensure the continuous uninterruptedload power supply.

2)The equipment has the function of peak-shifting electricity consumption, which can charge inthe stage of low electricity price and discharge in the stage of high electricity price, earning thedifference of electricity price.

3)With the function of immediate use, the load electricity can be directly generated by the solarpanel during the day time.

4)It can be set that the battery can be charged in the daytime, and the remaining electricity canbe used for self-use on the Internet, and the discharge time and power can be set automatically.

5)The maximum charging current of the device is 100A. The charging time and current can beadjusted arbitrarily to charge quickly..

6)The equipment has complementary function with the municipal power, allowing the powerconsumption toexceed the rated power of the equipment, without considering the load.

7)All the functions described above can be automatically switched, automatically recovered andunattended.

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