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  • Wholesale Indoor growth room construction process with good price - OPTICLIMATE
    Wholesale Indoor growth room construction process with good price - OPTICLIMATE
    You want to set up a grow room and raise plants indoors…but where do you start?We suggest Plentiful commercial warehouse space has prompted conversion of these buildings (or part of the building) into indoor cultivation spaces. These are typically non-descript concrete wall buildings with few windows and include loading docks with leaky doors.  These buildings lend themselves well to the “Room within Building” layout.To size any HVACD system properly, a our engineer or contractor needs to perform a heat load analysis on the building to determine the heat gain expected during the summer months and heat loss during the winter months.  This information along with a detailed analysis of the grow room’s evapotranspiration process are required for the design engineer to appropriately size the environmental control HVACD system to handle all of the following:• Latent moisture from the evapotranspiration process• Sensible heat from the lights• Sensible heat gain during the summer• Sensible heat loss during the winter• Latent infiltration or exfiltration due to building constructionOur plant engineers will discuss with HVAC engineers and grow rack structural engineers to design a layout for your grow room, and we will provide you with a detailed list of facilities according to the layout.Our budget engineers will give you a detailed quotation list for your customized products.When you confirm and pay the deposit, we will provide you with a complete set of project books.
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