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High Quality Produce green vegetables 365 days a year Wholesale - OPTICLIMATE FARM LIMITED
High Quality Produce green vegetables 365 days a year Wholesale - OPTICLIMATE FARM LIMITED
Irrigated agriculture has expanded globally by 174%,accounting for ∼90% of global freshwater consumption.Solving the problem of irrigation loss...Opticlimatefarm Airtight ecosystemUshering In a New Era of Automated Plant Growth With Artificial Intelligence.Designed to simulate your specific plant's ideal natural conditions.Opticlimate Indoor Grow HVAC System.LED grow technology delivers max daylight illumination at min cost.DFT Vertical Grow Rack System.Digital Hydroponics Automatic Control Minerals SystemCO2 light sensing intelligent control systemFully enclosed internal circulation hydroponics, saving 90% of waterProduce green vegetables 365 days a year
Specialized HVAC System HVAC Technologies
Specialized HVAC System HVAC Technologies
The first thing to know is that climate controlling an indoor cannabis facility is an industrial application. It takes a lot of energy to offset the massive heat and moisture loads which are created by lights and plants. The major functions of the system are cooling and dehumidifying.
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