OptiClimatefarm modular vertical rack

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OptiClimatefarm  Nursery Systems
OptiClimatefarm Nursery Systems
OptiClimatefarm Nursery SystemsThe beauty of hydroponics is that it allows you to have complete control over every input that goes into your plants: be it air, water, light, or nutrients.You may have tasted success in your first grow system, or you may be in the process of building one now. We all know the drill.Our video can be your reference.Plug and PlayThe OptiClimatefarm Nursery Tray uses a “plug and play” concept and allows quick and simple installation of the container on site meaning you can be harvesting within a month of delivery.OptiClimatefarm modular vertical rack, "FOUR TIERS VERTICAL" nursery tray, nursery quantity reaches 1152pcsOptiClimatefarm is a modular plant factory concept that allows you to start-up small with 30 grow modules. Our manufacturing lead time is only 3 months, so you will ship your first harvest within 5 months. After you have refined your business model, you can add grow modules without business interruption.
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