Vertical Commercial Cultivation Solutions

OptiClimate Farm's original commercial vertical hydroponics facility is a highly engineered, modular and combined vertical production environment, tailored for various crops, plant products and business models of AG and CBD.

Provide the best controlled vertical planting environment to grow a variety of gardening, flowers and agricultural products in various environments and climates.

In addition to growing green leafy vegetables, herbs and other special plants and shallow root crops can also be grown.

Growth Environment Solution

Opticlimate for Opticlimatefarm

OptiClimatefarm, a unique technology, which could provides the best vertical growing systems, vertical farming solutions, and also the best environment for plant growth ,which unites cooling, heating, dehumidification, air circulation, filtration and optical induction in one system. OptiClimate is independently invented by Hicool research team through relentless work over ten years .

OptiClimate owns a complete series of energy-saving products from Pro2 to Pro5, consisting of Air cooled system, Water cooled system , packaged or split units, optional with inverter technology, voltage and current stabilization, even Zero-emission clean refrigerant.

OptiClimate is the best and reliable choice for plant farms all around the world, every single unit of OptiClimate products must pass strict interior tests before delivery to global customers in Europe, America, Middle East, Asia and some other areas. It has passed the tests and obtained CE certificates from accredited global companies. 

OptiClimate always provides suitable environment for the plants.

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Vertical Growth Solutions

1 variable 3 Rubik's cube combination hydroponic growth ABS tray ,Popular Products for Growers,Designed for High Performance Vertical Applications.OptiClimateFarm provides one-stop design and supporting solutions or turnkey projects according to your area.

Customizable Irrigation Solutions

Our flexible hydroponic irrigation framework allows you to customize and modify solutions specific to your particular crop.

EC control:Seedlings/early sprouts – Early vegetative stage –Full vegetative stage – Early blooming stage – Full mature bloom/ripening stage

PH control:automatic to balance the pH level(PH Up & PH Down)

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution :A + B or A + B + C

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Hot Products

Opticlimateform Micro and large Lab Farms are modular, stackable . Grow in a fully secured, self-contained and climate controlled environment.

  • ABS Commercial Combined Vertical Planting Racks
    ABS Commercial Combined Vertical Planting Racks
    OptiClimatefarm offers with Commercial Growing Rack and ABS Conbination Grow trays the Growing  environment for growing Special plants and a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in Vertical Grow Racks .Made from 4mm thick plastic and durable ABS construction, these grow trays are thermoformed with a  to provide UV-stability, as well as anti- microbial and fungal-resistant properties. These trays sit level to provide plants with a flat growing surface, and they feature a network of sloped canals within the tray to ensure proper drainage away from plants to the drain location.Length 120, width 65, height 200cmLED selection range:120W ≈ 0.5m²,200W ≈ 0.8m²,280W ≈ 1m²,350W ≈ 1.5m²These trays Horticulture can be used for DFT irrigation or ebb and flow. They are combined with our Vertical Grow Racking and to provide the most efficient indoor grow nursery space.Feature:Multi-layer seeding/cloning/planting system.Arbitrarily spacing or series combined connection.Combined steel power coated vertical planting rack.Optional high-efficiency LED lights.DFT hydroponic by replacing tray accessories.
  • High Quality Growth Environment Solution Wholesale - OPTICLIMATE FARM LIMITED
    High Quality Growth Environment Solution Wholesale - OPTICLIMATE FARM LIMITED
    OptiClimate HVAC products can always provide the professional plant growth solutions. As an important part of OptiClimate Farms, the products are designed with compact size and plug-and-play installation, for the easy control of the temperature, the humidify and other elements of the environment in the farms. With its open Protocol and standard interface, it could be connected and controlled through centralized system together with other products of OptiClimate Farms.OptiClimate HVAC products are the best choice for plant farms in Europe, North America and some other areas around the world. It has obtained CE certificates from accredited global companies, and every single unit of the products must pass strict interior tests before delivery to global customers.OptiClimate, always provides the environment you need in an easy and economical way.Product features Easy installation.  With professional dehumidification function.  There is no water consumption during dehumidification, and the air outlet temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, reducing frequent starting of electric heaters and saving energy.  Intelligent optical control system, which determines the operation of cooling, heating or dehumidification according to the intensity of light, temperature and humidity.  The system can provide free hot water while cooling .  Comfortable, efficient and energy-saving with frequency conversion technology.(EER>4.5) European CE certification.
  • Opticlimate High-Density Mobile Grow Shelving
    Opticlimate High-Density Mobile Grow Shelving
    High-Density Mobile Plant Growing Shelving is designed & manufactured by Opticlimate Farm Limited, for Vertical Farming Industry. It is customized High Density Agriculture Cultivation Systems for Indoor high quality Canabis planting from propagation to flower & harvest It’s mobile modular customized fucntions will enlarge your grow yield. High-Density Mobile Grow Shelving is designed & manufactured by Opticlimate Farm Limited, for Vertical Farming Industry. It is customized High Density Agriculture Cultivation SystemsDurable powder-coated steel racks reduce the occurrence of pests and plant diseases.ABS Grow Trays with a network of drainage channels and flood to allow water to evenly surface and drain.It can be converted into custom modules Modular conversion single stack,double stacks and triple stacks.This solution brings more Growing Spaces compare to single layer. And getting more yield.All of our provided units (Flowering,Veg, and Clone) come equipped with industry leading LED lighting and intelligent dimmer(0-100% dimmable). Our LED grow lights have registed CE & ROHS certifications .High-Density Mobile Grow Shelving lets you convert that wasted aisle space into valuable growing space. Multi-mobile Grow Racks allows you to move entire rows of racking next to each other to use nearly all of your available space for growing, and gives you the ability to move the racks back and forth to create aisles as needed for easy plant maintenance (watering, pruning, etc.) . Where there’s a plant factory, where there’s Opticlimatefarm.Features:Customized Agriculture Cultivation System.Durable powder-coated steel racksABS Grow trays with drainage and tidal networkConvertible modularity of 1-3 stacksIndustry-leading LED lighting + smart dimmer0-100% dimmableRolling track and convenient application type
  • Opticlimate Cannabis  Vertical Grow Rack
    Opticlimate Cannabis Vertical Grow Rack
    Advantages of Vertical Grow Racks By using LED grow lights for indoor planting, Remote control Light lifter For Raising And Lowering Grow Lights,Growers can better control the light required for plant growth, shorten the growth cycle by adjusting the time of light exposure, and can control the adverse effects like natural disasters and pests. LED selection range:120W ≈ 0.5m²,200W ≈ 0.8m²,280W ≈ 1m²,350W ≈ 1.5m² Ebb & Flow hydroponic system,Complete with the digital controller, the distribution reservoir, high-flow pumps, growing modules and all of the fittings & tubing to install the system.
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We offer a whole system for plant factories, From seeding to nursery, from Growth environment an Hydroponics control.
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