Do you live in Dubai and do you wanna grow your own vegetables?

Do you live in Dubai and do you wanna grow your own vegetables?

it is hot in UAE the average summer temperature is 42°C-45°C, which is stressful for vegetable plants.

There are very difficult conditions for growing herbs or vegetables, but not impossible.

The technology has been standardised for various vegetable crops and it has great potential, ­especially in regions like the Middle East, where billions of dollars are invested to import food and grains and vegetables and berries.

The techy term for it all is hydroponics, which is a technique for growing produce without soil. Seeds are planted in a sterile, soil-less growing environment and then grown in nutrient-rich water. Water is recycled, and everything from air and water temperature through to humidity and lighting are controlled to create the perfect growing environment.

Vertical farms can grow non-native produce in locations where traditional agricultural methods are impossible. Also, there’s no exposure to the hazards of traditional farming, such as bugs, diseases, pesticides and weather.

At OptiClimatefarm, we take this one step further by growing indoors in fully closed rooms. This is ideal for our region with its harsh climate and limited water resources. Only through high-tech farming can you grow all year round.

Our vertical farming methods use 90% percent less water than open field growing.Fresh food year-round and Connecting local supermarket and restaurants.

We could grow gourmet crops efficiently all year round despite the harsh conditions. Vertical farming also makes the best use of space as we grow on a rack system by the cubic meter and not the square meter.

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