Indoor Vertical Planting HVACD

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OptiClimatefarm Indoor Controlled Environment Planting Research
OptiClimatefarm Indoor Controlled Environment Planting Research
Red-leaf ,Boosting Antioxidant PropertiesHaving determined the kinetics of the antioxidants, We continue to delve into the controllable environment through indoor hydroponics+ Indoor temperature and humidity and airflow + LED + CO2,trying to boost the effect of the specific compounds in each variety by subjecting the plants to short stresses.The results of our study show that,These compounds perform defense functions in plants. So if conditions that are not the normal ones are applied to them (such as watering them with salinated water, subjecting them to high lighting intensity or working with raised concentrations of CO2), these defenses will become intensified and, as a result, the antioxidant qualities of the plants will be boosted.
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